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Why Style Vintage Decor

Using vintage pieces in nearly every space I style for a home, display or installations for an event or photoshoot. It was always an intuitive thought until it became a popular part of modern styling + visual assembly that I intentionally singled it out as a signature.

The weathered warmth from a primitive wood dough bowl, the texture and beautiful aged colour from stoneware crocks or depth from an aged mirror loosing its silver. They can be as telling of our own personalities and interests, such as an antique book press because of your love for literature or maybe you're a writer. A framed architectural sketch or diagram of a car or motorcycle because your family has had a related local business. A vintage rug that reminds you of your Grandparents house or an metal piece that's sits on your curated bookshelf because it's patina achieved through age is the perfect shade of green that is the first colour you can remember loving as a child.

We love the character that no massed produced decor or item could could switch places with. The story of how it was made, why it was and if anything is made like it anymore. When I think of history in general it's the evolution of people and world occurrences, but all of those inform the objects from that time in tandem, like those time wore brush Christmas trees that we see all types of replicas during the holiday season, but their own history was after the first world war people and country didn't have money for non essential items but to keep spirits up people began making these trees from actual wire scrubing brushes used for household cleaning. It's a tactile history, and translating that to connect in peoples lives today, to make them everyday items that surround us on a daily basis such as in our homes with all of our other collected necessities and non.

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