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GIFTING PROPER is a boutique gifting service by HOUSE OF PROPER styling +design, based in Toronto, Canada.


Our specialty is curating custom gifts


Specializing in curated + custom gift boxes that tell a story through carefully selected products + wrapping details.

curated gifts that inspire, surprise + create memories + good feeling and full hearts

Being a prop stylist, Ive established my love for objects + sense for curation, styling + display - being a part of 

Loving objects of beauty, character, history, tell a store new + old - decorative especially - all translate through the readymade gift boxes and selection of items to make a gift


As lovers of elevated everyday essentials, we source items that are beautiful and useful, believing that these little luxuries have the ability to inspire our day-to-day living. Packaged to perfection, and accompanied by a hand-written note, each and every box that leaves our studio is a gift to be remembered.



We work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations to create both intimate and large-scale gifts. We can personalize any gift box with thematic expression and unique touches. Whether you would like to choose from our caché of high-end, curated products or let us find curios based on your individual preferences, we can design the perfect gift to suit your specific needs.

In an age of gift cards and certificates, we believe in making gestures that nurture relationships. Whether it's for an event, a holiday, or just because, let us help you make someone feel special.



Meaningful gifts create lasting memories. They have the ability to build and transform our relationships. Finding the perfect gift - one that is thoughtful, unique, and lasting, can be a daunting task.


The biggest gift is time - spending the time to gather + gift to others without anything in return is 



We believe that gifts tell a story. We’ve seen how they connect people, make memories and transform relationships. And there’s nothing better than a meaningful story, wrapped up and presented in the most refined way. We’ve spent years working closely with private individuals, industry professionals, and companies to create fine gifts. Extending our bespoke philosophy to our at-the-ready offerings, we've crafted our gift box collection to celebrate and respond to life's occasions in a whole new way. We're all about meaningful stories told through fine products, expert presentation, and thoughtful finishing touches. From concept to creation, we use this personal approach for each and every gift.



Simone creates refined gifts with emotional resonance. Combining her broad scope of resources, references, and experience with an artist’s touch, Simone filters feeling through objects, helping her clients convey them when words just aren’t enough. She lives with her husband, baby daughter Lillian and pups in West Hollywood, where she treats every day as a special occasion.



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